Specialized Painting

Specialized Painting

Beechwood Painting and Decorating specialize in a very specific painting and decorating of:

Those services require specific knowledge, certification and experience.

Antibacterial paint for Hospitals

Beechwood Decorators – Painting Contractors can take on any size contract from concept to completion on time and on budget. We help you achieve reliability and consistency in hospital painting projects using antibacterial paint.

What we offer:

  • Competitive rates
  • Clear, concise written quotes, with no obligation
  • Quality, licensed workmanship
  • Fast Project completion, every time
  • Fully indemnity insurance against principles

Other Services:

With one of our experienced supervisors on site to keep an eye on things you’re guaranteed a job that will meet your approval every time. On special projects we can arrange for our staff to work after hours and weekends so that commercial projects can be completed with minimal disruption.

You are our business. We value that and believe you are entitled to service that is second to none. It’s a service that encompasses quality worksmanship, prompt, courteous tradespeople and attention to detail is our speciality. We keep our word so your valuable time & resources aren’t lost. Every project we look at is written up in detailed specification.

We have Hight owl hours services available